Dividend Stocks On Sale – 30 November 2021

The focus of investing in “dividend stocks on sale” is to collect future dividends. Therefore, this method is geared toward that goal first, and toward possible stock price appreciation second. This isn’t an effort to find price bottoms. It’s a process to buy dividends at a reasonable price. As a result, stocks presented here are typically on a downward trend. And, they will often continue on that downward trend over a period of months, providing opportunities to obtain additional dividends for collecting and reinvesting as they do. Simply put, this is about creating as many future dividends as possible.

Stock data from Yahoo Finance and Stockcharts.com.

Create your own Dividend Business

Build your own dividend business. Step-by-step DIY manual.

If you’re interested in learning more about buidling your own “dividend business,” I’ve created a do-it-yourself manual titled, Dividends Inc: Building a Dividend Business, that takes you through the process. From selecting companies to build the business to compiling a watch list of those companies to creating price charts to run the business to finding dividends “on sale” to purchase each month, the manual provides a detailed step by step description of the system used to build, operate, and profit from a dividend business.

I’ve used this system to go from hundreds of dollars of dividends to tens of thousands of dollars of dividends since 2015. There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Here are three sample chapters.

To download the complete Dividends Inc: Building A Dividend Business (PDF and Word doc files) manual click on the button below. The cost is $10.00 USD. The files will be delivered to your email address.

Also available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback).

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Create Your Own Dividend Business

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Create your own Dividend Business

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Create your own Dividend Collection Machine